A debate about Sino-American relations

Poland Asia Research Center (CSPA) organized a debate about Sino-American relations that took place on September 22. Our panelists included:

-Dr Jacek Bartosiak, a leading Polish expert on geopolitics and geostrategy, Senior Fellow at the Potomac Foundation based in Washington, author of a bestselling book “Pacific and Eurasia. On War” available in Polish here: http://www.polska-azja.pl/ksiazki-pol…

-Salvatore Babones, an American sociologist, professor at the University of Sydney, and an expert in the areas of Chinese and American economy and society. Author of many bestselling books, e.g “American Tianxia: Chinese Money, American Power and the End of History” and “The Future of Development: A Radical Manifesto”

Audiobook “Rzeczpospolita między lądem a morzem” coming soon

Jacek Bartosiak’s lecture at Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław